Mobile App Production & Promotion

Local Business App Development

What kind of app do you need to start gaining more exposure for your business and increasing your sales?

The best option for most companies is to create a simple informational app for their local business that will provide details to new customers, and help bring more visitors to their site. This will mainly consist of static pages that convey information regarding the nature of your services & products, and will help to bring new customers as well as providing your existing customers with more information.

What Will Your App Consist Of?

Largely, static pages filled with information and images. Together, this will explain your business and sell your products and services to everyone who discovers and downloads your app. At the same time, the content used, will be from your website, which means you’ll have great consistency across all of your digital presence.

Essentially, a simple local app will be very similar to a website – with pages and media. At the same time though, your app will utilize a design that makes it much more friendly to use on a smaller touchscreen, while users will be able to upload it straight from their homescreens with a single tap. Simply put, having an app will make your business appear more advanced, and our highly professional design ensures that it will really impress.

At ‘loadapp’, we take our local apps a step further and incorporate a range of additional features at your discretion. We can use push notifications for instance so that you can alert your users to offers and news right in their pockets! Best of all, we can add features that allow your customers to book appointments and tables, buy products and order ‘take outs’ straight from the app. By removing the ‘barrier to sale’, you will greatly increase turnover and profits.

Android or iOS?

Android apps run on the Android operating system. This is the operating system found on a wide variety of non-Apple phones these days, including phones from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Amazon and Sony. Many tablet devices also use Android and as an open-source system, it is also available on some computers and even smartwatches. It is the most widely used mobile operating system of all.

iOS meanwhile is the platform used by Apple. This is the operating system found on iPhones and iPads and thus is very widely used and highly regarded. If you create a mobile app, then really you should have a presence on both of these platforms.

Unfortunately, that means you essentially need two separate apps. Thankfully though, [COMPANY] has access to tools that makes this very simple. We can build apps and then immediately convert them for both iOS and Android and likewise we can add updates across all versions.

Don’t miss out on marketing opportunities by only targeting one mobile operating system. Let us take care of your app development and get your app into the pockets of all your potential customers!